CBD Cigarettes

Join the thousands who have given up tobacco with CBD Cigarettes

Many people are turning the CBD cigarettes to help themselves cut out tobacco cigarettes, and it's working!

CBD cigarettes look and feel just like traditional cigarettes. This is important for so many reasons. CBD cigarettes will help with the mental withdrawal by allowing you to get the hand-to-mouth fixation that is a part of the addiction to cigarettes. 

Not only are you going through the motions of smoking a cigarette, which helps with the mental cravings, you're also consuming 10-20mg of cannabidiol per cigarette. 


Wild Hemp Smokes Hemparettes


Cannabidiol, the main active ingredient of CBD cigarettes, goes to work on your brains natural cannabinoid receptors, which has been shown to provide excellent relief for anxiety and mood! Quitting smoking is hard enough, but quitting smoking with CBD cigarettes is so possible. Thousands are turning to CBD cigarettes to quit harmful tobacco and nicotine smoking. 

Each pack of CBD cigarettes contains 20 regular sized cigarettes. They do not smell not marijuana, so you won't have to worry about alerting the wrong people. And surprisingly, they are very smooth and tasty. 

Try a pack today! CBD Cigarettes are certainly worth trying if you're looking to quit smoking today!

Check them out here!

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